Remember the Tempest Whip from DICTATORSHOP? They have a new whip out at We Love Role-Play using the same animations but with a very cool new look that fits the role-play theme; it is a whip of electricity.  The handle has a steampunk look go with the name—the Tesla Whip—and the sounds are new as well, providing different crackling noises as you hold or swing your whip. I decided to imagine it as a weapon and went out hunting for demonic creatures in what I might call a fantasy version of a Lara Croft outfit. Both the outfit by Jangka and the Samaeal winged snake by Axis Mundi are also available at WLRP.

This “bubble braid” style by Wasabi, with two cute loose curls in the front, seemed like a great fit with the outfit, stylish yet conveniently out of the way.

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The Tempest Bullwhip is the latest release from DICTATORSHOP. It features original mocap animations for both single and dual wielding, depending on which version you opt for (Standard, Advanced or Expert). Realistic whip sounds are included and you can customise the look of the whip with a tinting hud. To show off the animations, I just had to make a video. I had still planned to write a bit more about the whip and the sexy new dress from Petrichor & Ersch, but after my dog training today I have a nasty rope burn on the back of my left knee, so sitting down is rather uncomfortable! Of course, I have still added the credits at the end of the post.

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Mistress in Waiting

The Luxe range from DICTATORSHOP brings class and elegance to your home or perhaps to an upscale club. The furnishings offer a chance to relax in style on smooth velvets accentuated by shiny metals. Here I have combined the Ladies Chaise with the Floor Lamp set (which includes a single lamp with a small integrated table and a double lamp) and opted for the Copper metal option and the Cinnamon colour for the fabric. There are, of course, several more metal and fabric options, as always accessed via the DICTATORSHOP logo on each piece of furniture.

The Ladies Chaise comes in three versions in regards to the animations: PG, Adult Vanilla and Adult Kink Femdom. I am using the latter here though sadly on my own, but the classic smoking pose is from the femdom menu.

The sparkly little outfit is the very sexy Jade dress and matching bolero from Salt & Pepper, out for L$75 until the end of today. The hair, too, is a time-limited deal; a new hairstyle from Exile called Estelle, out for Fifty Linden Fridays.

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Courtyard Captive

The roleplay gets a little naughtier today with the Rogue Shibari Frame from DICTATORSHOP, available at We Love Role-Play at 25% off from its usual price. The rough bamboo frame offers four textures and over 140 animations for 1 to 2 avatars, with both maledom and femdom menus being available. The Rogue series offers rough wood and suggestions of harsher play, which I think it fits right into the courtyard of the Quinta Palace by Fanatik. A public punishment for bad behaviour, perhaps?

I added in some mood lighting with the sturdy braziers from Tirrany Designs, also from WLRP, as is Superdoll’s Siren’s Modesty set, a minimal bikini with little moon designs. For a final set of WLRP releases, I used Boudica’s Brows in Ginger and one of the Iceni appliers for my eyes, a matching set from lovelysweet.

The gorgeous and aptly named Lush hair is a new Truth Collective release from Truth and Wasabi, available at the Truth mainstore. It comes with and without bangs, with four options for how to style the hair and with optional clips at each temple.

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alaskametro has several new releases out for Skin Fair, which runs from March 8th to March 25th. The “Fit” body skin has received a significant update, which includes new tones and new add-ons. The skin is now sold in 4 packs with 3 tones in each, which at L$250 per pack remains a fantastic bargain for a great body skin. And, if you have bought the “Fit” body before, make sure to check which packs you get redelivered as Alaska is generously providing updates for previous purchases.  This body skin is in my top three for sure, it is so natural and well-balanced in terms of texture and shading. Not too shiny, not too shaded, not too exaggerated in any way. I am definitely very happy to have even more tones to play with and to potentially match with other face skins.

Of course, Alaska also provides some very nice face skin. For Skin Fair, she has updated Abby (again, check for redeliveries if you bought her before) and created two new faces; Amber, a Genus or SLUV skin, and Maya, an EvoX Asian skin. I decided to photo all three ladies in the Basix underwear from alaskametro outlet on the Marketplace and posing on the Gelato limited edition of the Valentine furniture from DICTATORSHOP, available at Cosmo until the 16th of March.

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Roped In

The clean, elegant lines of the Breeze collection from DICTATORSHOP made me want to play with stark contrasts and shadows when it came to photoing the latest addition, the Shibari Frame. The frame is exclusively available at the Man Cave event until the 11th of March, where it is sold at a L$700 discount compared to what its in-store price will be. The frame includes six sleek metal options (accessed via the logo) and 140 custom bento animations for male and female avatars. Some, like those I am showing images of, are solo animations, others are for two avatars, either two submissives or one dominant and one submissive. The ropes are given out via the menu and are available for male and female avatars. Each piece is resizable and moveable.

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The Love Loft

Need some more hearts in your virtual life? Then DICTATORSHOP has you covered with their Valentine collection, which includes some previous releases as well as new additions for 2024.  I’ve mixed a few of each to setup this cosy loft and I’ve done opted for the black texture for all the pieces as I wanted a very sleek look.

So, what do we have here? The central pieces is the Canopy Heart Bed, which is an Adult Kink bed with 550 animations catering to straight, gay and lesbian pairings. It offers a range of metal and fabric textures and includes optional drapes and lights for a very sweet, romantic look. For this post, I only made use of some of the solo animations, so expect to see it again down the road.

The other piece with animations is the Dance Pole, offering a nice selection of both male and female dances that give your avatar quite a workout!

In addition to these two pieces, there are three new decor releases. The Swirl Lamp is a free gift at the Shop & Hop until February 19th. The Heart Lamps (includes two versions) are available at the store and discounted to L$50 for group members and the Heart Tables are a new instore release.

The bodysuit I am wearing is a new release by Faida for the Fetish Fair and I am using it on the sexy and athletic Khara body from Inithium.

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The Gravitas Bench from DICTATORSHOP is setup to offer something for everyone, offering separate menus for PG, Adult Vanilla and Adult Kink. This is achieved by having the blanket seen in the first three images be a separate item that is added on from the customization menu which you reach by clicking the DICTATORSHOP logo on the side of the bench. There you have a choice between PG blanket, Adult Vanilla blanket and no blanket, which is the Adult Kink option that leaves the rings for chains visible on the bench. Each blanket can be retextured in five colours and for the bench itself there are three stone options. As far as pairings go, the PG menu offers M/F, F/F and M/M, the Adult Vanilla M/f, F/f and M/m and the Adult Kink also adds F/m.

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