Mirror, Mirror

A litte Thursday quickie using a couple of things from the Fifty Linden Friday’s birthday event and this week’s Dark Wednesday release from Be My Mannequin? I used the Dutchie mid century mirror closet for the photo, which is made so that you can turn your camera around to look out through the glass and get a kind of mirror effect. This pose is one of a set of four close-up poses, meant to be shot from the waist up. The turn of the torso and the look over the shoulder really helps sell the mirror idea.

The style from Wasabi offers two different options for the bangs and a left side or right side braid. The dress from Blueberry comes in four patterns and tons of colour options for the lace and the ties. It also includes fits for a large range of bodies, including Slink Physique Original.

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Private Show Time

I paid a visit (aka, I spent way too long trying to teleport there) to the Arcade yesterday and tried my luck on a couple of machines. Fortunately for my virtual wallet, which took a hit with the recent sales, there weren’t too many machines that tempted me (and some of those that did tempt me did not offer Slink sizes). But Blueberry’s Show Time set caught my eye and the machine was kind enough to let me put together a full look after a few tries.

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Candy Witch

For all those with a virtual sweet tooth, the Candy Fair is now running. I mixed up a few things from the fair with some pieces from Salem and the Epiphany for my sweet but naughty little witch. Trick or treat!

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