Remember the Tempest Whip from DICTATORSHOP? They have a new whip out at We Love Role-Play using the same animations but with a very cool new look that fits the role-play theme; it is a whip of electricity.  The handle has a steampunk look go with the name—the Tesla Whip—and the sounds are new as well, providing different crackling noises as you hold or swing your whip. I decided to imagine it as a weapon and went out hunting for demonic creatures in what I might call a fantasy version of a Lara Croft outfit. Both the outfit by Jangka and the Samaeal winged snake by Axis Mundi are also available at WLRP.

This “bubble braid” style by Wasabi, with two cute loose curls in the front, seemed like a great fit with the outfit, stylish yet conveniently out of the way.

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Snake Goddess

Sometimes, you just have to go full Sword & Sorcery and seeing the Apophis snake from Axis Mundi immediately put me in that mood. The huge cobra can be extensively customised via the HUD and will slither along with you as you walk or slither in a coil around you when you are standing still. To dress the part I selected Superdoll’s Stardust Sorceress, a cute little fantasy outfit which also offers a lot of texture options. As accessories, Nefekalum’s impressive Shrike headdress, with sweeping horns and dangling chains, and a dagger from Thorn’s set of several variants. Each dagger is scripted for quite a few different hand/arm poses which you access through clicking the weapon. The final piece from We Love Role-Play is the Dragon Teeth collection by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, which helps create a fantastical landscape.

In addition to the new releases from WLRP I am also Wasabi’s latest hair release, out this weekend for FLF, and my skin is from alaskametro for the Skin Fair, though you’ll get to see that in more detailed in a separate post.

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