Lady of Valyria

All ideas I had about catching up on my blogging prior to the start of Game of Thrones went out the window sometime last week when the interviews started to pile up. It also did not help that we brought home a puppy last Tuesday! However, Fantasy Faire is just around the corner, so I will just have to buckle down and get some pretty photos done. And while the Ice and Fire event is now over, you will probably be seeing a few more posts inspired by Westeros from me. Like this one, which does use some releases made for Ice and Fire as well as a new gown from Adam n Eve for We Love Role-Play.

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Lazy Holidays

I am a little tired after a day spent in town, for Christmas markets and that last bit of holiday shopping, so a couple of lazy, laidback shots seemed about right. I’ve put together a few items from the December Deco(c)rate and found myself some pretty things to wear, including another release from the Midwinter Fair.

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