Winter Survival

Another fine winter day, and a chance to show off a couple of items that I’ve picked up to fit in with the season.

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I just had to share more of the Valiant gacha items at the Arcade, with a look at the Spitfire pants that are one of the things you can get when you try your luck. These are different from the Seafire jeans, offering a few different colors… and not having an option without shading for the suspenders (not actually worn here, since the pose didn’t suit it). Just really nicely textured. Speaking of the pose, this is one of the poses on the Sad Tree prop from Revival, part of the Deco(c)rate December collection, while also from Deco(c)rate is the Cozy Winter Cabin from Schultz Bros.

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The real highlight of this look, though, is another new jacket I got. Featured in both of these images is Cold-Ash’s Survivor leather jacket. It comes with a dizzying array of options. There are three different packs—this is the Colors pack—with different variations in the main colors of the jacket. Each pack has six jacket colors, plus six belt colors, five scarf colors (plus a no-scarf option), seven shirt colors (plus a no-shirt option), and eight cuff colors.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands
Skin: Birth Rufus skin forest
Hair: Dura 54
Clothes: Cold-Ash Survivor Jacket color pack (TMD), [Con/Val] (Valiant) Spitfire pants (The Arcade), FATEstep Owen Moccasins
Decor: Revival Sad Tree (Deco(c)rate), Schultz Bros. Cozy Winter Cabin (Deco(c)rate)

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