The Guardian of the Bridge

I was struggling a bit with how to do my next post for the Eastern Asia round of Genre, until I realised that the bridge from Yasyn was a lot larger than I had thought and would work quite well to span one of the deep canyons in this mesh landscape. With that in place, the rest quickly took shape and I went off and picked up one of the pose packs from Eternal Dreams.

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The “Nihonbashi” from Yasyn includes four versions of the bridge as well a few add-on components. The pieces are all mod and copy, so in this case I sized it up just a bit to span the gap between the two mesh islands.

In the background are two pieces from Lore’s set the Torii gate and a pair of Ishi-Doro. Not used is the Japanese Garden Bridge. These pieces all come with different finishes, such as clean, aged and mossy.

My outfit is from a previous deviousMind gacha, but the slippers are from Senzafine for Genre.

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As for the poses, Eternal Dreams has two sets of unisex katana-wielding poses. Both these poses are from the first set and there is a posed and ready sword included for each pose.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Cate, Mayfly eyes
Skin: alaskametro Chi Bronze
Hair: Calico Mylene
Clothes: deviousMind Namika Purple
Accessories: Senzafine Xiu Ling Brocade Flats (Genre)
Decor: Yasyn Nihonbashi (Genre), Lore Torii Gate and Ishi-Doro (Genre)

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