The Forest Lake

We’re now heading into the final week of the Home & Garden Expo so I wanted to remind everyone that Teegle has two new Teeglepets at the Expo, the Fjord Horse and the Connemara Pony. I picked up the new pack of Fjord coats in all allowed colours from Teegle and decided that in this pale coat, he could play Bäckahästen (the River Horse, a creature from Nordic folklore) in this mystical woodland scene which features the Edo Freshwater from Konoha, also for the Expo.

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I have wanted to create this kind of scene for a long while, in part inspired by this gorgeous painting. Once I saw the ad for the Edo Freshwater, I knew I could use that.

The Edo Freshwater set consists of 40 different meshes in the shape of circles, squares, rectangles and curves with which you can build lakes or streams or rivers. Texture, tint, transparency and speed is controlled via a HUD, allowing for a variety of looks.

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The rest of the scene is created using my go-to set from Studio Skye, the Enchanted Woods. I’d actually love to see more of an old growth forest from Studio Skye, but with the right lighting this one does the job. The rocks are from Fanatik’s very versatile Rocks 2018 pack which includes several texture options.


Teegle Teeglepet Fjord Horse (Home & Garden Expo) with Fjord Horse Skin Appliers
Konoha Edo Freshwater (Home & Garden Expo)
Fanatik Rocks 2018
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods

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