The Country House

If a horse isn’t what you need for your home & garden, then the Expo still has you more than covered. If you haven’t visited yet, the sims are now much less laggy then the first few days, so what are you waiting for?  And, as always, remember to pay special attention to the RFL vendors so that the Home & Garden Expo can raise as much money as possible.

For today’s post, I am looking at Mesh-Entity/Cosmos and LunaMare Designs.

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When you have a plot of land with a grand view, you want a house that makes the most of that. The Country House from Mesh-Entity/Cosmos definitely fits that build, with much of the fa├žade taken up by tall windows, a stone-paved patio, a large second-floor balcony and access to a rooftop platform. It is a very elegant build, kept from being too cold and modern by the mix of wood and stone in warm hues. The scale is a bit large for my tastes, but it is not out of the ordinary for Second Life. You will find Mesh-Entity/Cosmos in the mall on Hope 8 and the Country House is their RFL donation item.

The wooden flower pots and the flower beds are by LunaMare Designs and part of the Spring Up range.  The flower beds are not scripted, but the pots have texture options for the pot itself. There’s also a pot on a metal stand where both the pot and the metal stand has texture options and they also offer a range of “Smart Flowers” that are scripted for different colours.

LunaMare Desigms offer a wide range of scripted gadgets (teleporters, mailboxes, EEP setting boards) as well as the landscaping items and I used one of the EEP settings from their Sky Wizard for taking these photos. At the Expo, you will find LunaMare Designs in the mall on Hope 6 but also with a larger store (focused more on the landscaping) on Hope 5

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