The Bard of the Ruins

Grasshopper St has a great release for male roleplayers at this round of We Love Role-Play. A medieval tunic with a matching cyclas, both with extensive particolour options through the HUD. There is also an embroidery overlay for the cyclas, just as for the earlier Eleanor gown and surcote. For this post, I did not use the embroidery, but I did play around with the colours, including the tinting option to get deeper tones. I’ll note that while I am wearing it over the Slink body, since that is the male body I own, it is not fitted for this body but does cover six other male bodies.

Another release at the event that is available for male as well as female avatars is Sigil’s the Bard’s Lute. This beautiful lute comes with a playable version for male or female avatars with holding and playing animation, a version worn over the shoulder and a version that can be worn on the back or rezzed as a prop. Time to woo the lady in your life with a romantic ballad, perhaps?

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Body Parts: Slink Physique male body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Logan head, LeLutka eyes
Hair: Wasabi Svea
Skin: LeLAPEAU Victor NF Pale
Clothes: Grasshopper St. Tunic & Cyclas (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Sigil The Bard’s Lute (We Love Role-Play), R3D Studio Boots Runar

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