Sleek Bindings

Today, I’m taking a look at another gacha from Objets d’Amour, namely Roawenwood’s Sleek Bindings. In addition to that, I am showing three We Love Role-Play releases, from Aisling, Calico and Noble Creations.

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The Sleek Bindings gacha from Roawenwood features six types of commons, though the pillows (seen here) come in five colours each for the male and female version. The pillows have a selection of animations whereas the other commons have a single each. There are three rares, a male and a female wall-ring and the wall-mounted cage seen in the next picture, and these have a larger number of animations each.

The elegant fountain that I took the liberty of setting in the “atrium” of Barnesworth Anubis’s Marrakech Riad build is one of two releases from Noble Creations for We Love Role-Play, the other being a rustic fountain.

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A close-up on the cage and its lovely contents. The hair is Arya v2, one of two releases from Calico at We Love Role-Play. Or, well, technically there’s three styles available. There’s Arya v1 and Arya v1 in one package, and then Aria in a separate. They are all related but Aria is less of a fantasy look, lacking the bound braids at the front.

The “outfit”, such as it is, is the Diane chestlace from Aisling in style 1. There’s a total of three variations and each comes in four fitted sizes. They also come with a HUD offering five metal options.

My skin is PXL’s lovely Faith skin in Olive and as noted the build being used is the Marrakech Riad from Barnesworth Anubis, which currently occupies our little desert corner.

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