Skin Fair 2021: Logo

It has been a long while since I did a proper skin review, but with Skin Fair 2021 just having opened it seemed like a good time to revisit what used to be a staple of the blog. I’ve also fallen more into the habit of simply blogging as opposed to reviewing items, so I wanted to revisit that as well.

However, before I dive into looking closer at Logo’s Bella head and Bella skin, I have to say I am bothered by LeLutka’s addition of a new UV to their heads. With BoM you finally had a variety of skins to choose from for smaller head brands as well, at least from those creators who stayed true to the SL UV. Now it looks like we’re heading back down the path of brand-specific skins and I am not liking that prospect.

But, I digress! This is about the latest head from Logo and the skin released for it, both available at the Skin Fair on the North sim. And as this is a skin review, there is nudity below.

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Starting with the head, Bella is very much true to the style of Logo. She has fairly strong features and a pretty profile, though the lips are a bit prominent. They also need to be fairly full to cover the teeth, which isn’t what I prefer. The end result, however, is a very striking face which I quite like.

However, I do have one issue with Logo heads which is that while they are very adjustable with the sliders, the actual usable span is fairly narrow. I am not sure if this is avoidable, but I sometimes run into issues with “internal” pieces of the head poking out through the skin. Teeth and tongue were fairly easy to avoid, but when making this shape I had issues with the little mesh piece for the tear ducts being out of alignment.

Of course, there is a starter shape you can use, but as a shape maker I prefer to avoid that. So you can of course make things easier for yourself and start with that!

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When it comes to the skin, I think Logo does some of the best work out there. The faces have a lot of realism but they are also very well fitted to the UV; there’s no sense of a photo being “pasted onto” the head (something which you still see from some brands).

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The bodies, likewise, are beautifully made with just the right level of realism and no apparent seaming or smudging. They are soft and feminine, with a natural roundness to breasts and bottom.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, Logo Bella (Skin Fair North), Logo eyes (Skin Fair North)
Skin: Logo Bella Amber (Skin Fair North)
Hair: Wasabi Alina
Poses: Serendipity

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