Seaside Garden

While I love to put together interesting locations and blog home & garden items, it is unusual for me to not include any avatars at all in the shot. But this one simply would not come together right unless I focused entirely on the decor. Clearly, the elegant bench and planter set from The Willowinds and the lovely nature scene with flowers and rocks from .:Tm:.Creation. Both are sold as donation items for RFL at the Home & Garden Expo which is still on-going and not to be missed.

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The nature scene from .:Tm:.Creation is a mix of flowering bushes and rocks which gives a very natural feel. This could be used in a variety of landscaping scenarios.

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The Willowinds bench and planter are an elegant set well suited to a garden, whether formal or a little more rustic. The bench includes both single and couple poses.


.:Tm:.Creation GM49 Spring flowering in rocks Nature Scene (Home & Garden Expo)
The Willowinds Belfort Bench and Planter (Home & Garden Expo)
Fanatik River Bed

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