Roll the Dice

Today is all about two gacha sets, one from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and one from the upcoming round of the Arcade. Both of them are of course extra nice with all the pieces present, but they are not gachas that depend on you collecting everything to have a usable set.

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From Aisling comes Karishma, a beautiful Indian-inspired jewellery set with a stunning veil to finish it off.

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The veil (which is fitted mesh and comes in three sizes) and the tiara and the long earrings set are the rares, and the commons include both of the stunning necklaces, another set of earrings and a variety of facial jewellery. All pieces include HUDs for customisation, but the commons come in either silver or gold whereas the rares have the option for both.

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The Wayfarers Roost gacha from Roawenwood makes for a great roadside stop for a weary traveller, offering food and refreshments as well as a bit of gambling. The rares are the building itself, the dicing game (which actually is setup so you can click it and see the dice roll) and the card-playing table which includes animations for playing cards and chatting. The other pieces of furniture are commons and work just fine on their own as well.

If you are worried about having no copy furnishings rezzed out, Roawenwood has now started to offer a vendor for turning in your gacha pieces for copy/no transfer versions. What a great idea!

So, go and check out the Roawenwood set the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and keep the Aisling set in mind for when the Arcade opens! And if you’re wondering what else I am wearing, the hair is Wasabi Pills and the skin Tuli (a now retired skin). Ran is wearing various pieces from Stitched and a hair by Dura.

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