There’s not many hours left of 2017 now. I am taking a little break before preparing the rest of tonight’s dinner (a quiet thing at home; my mother was the one who always did the big parties, and I find I cannot quite follow in her footsteps) to make what likely is the last post of the year for me. While there are a lot of other things competing for my attention right now, Second Life continues to be a nice outlet for my creative impulses, and I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring. I am particularly excited about Animesh, but I am also hoping for some nice surprises since LL has said that they will be making considerable investments in SL over the next few years.

I am also going to give Sansar more of a try. So far, we’re not getting along when it comes to the controls and the character customisation options are too limited for my tastes, but it does look gorgeous. I have also downloaded and setup the trial of Marvellous Designer that was offered to all Sansar account holders, to see if making clothing for Sansar is something I could learn. In SL, I will stick to shapes, but I do plan to try and do some more as well as rope Ran into making male shapes, now that he’s got a few mesh heads.

Click for full-sized image

Speaking of shapes and mesh heads, here I am using a preview of a new head from LightStar, and this one may be challenging Athena and Maya as my favourite. I don’t know when and where it will be out yet, but I will be sure to let you know.

The saucy little silk is from Solange and comes with optional panties and sized for a number of mesh bodies, including Slink Physique (yay).

Click for full-sized image

The bed is from Noble Creations and comes in two colour variations, with this being the brightest. It includes single and couple animations, both cuddles and sex, but here I am using static poses from Picture This!

The hair is the final VIP group gift for the year from Truth and my skin is from the Plastik, a really nice face I think.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Freya (preview)
Skin: The Plastik Taryn
Cosmetics:  alaskametro Fey Lipgloss (On9)
Hair: Truth Tinsley
Clothes: Solange Silk Camisk
Poses: Picture This!
Decor: Noble Creations Reflections Bed Cosmopolitan

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