PLAZA is a new event focused all on Home & Garden products. The event opened on the 20th of May and runs until the 14th of June, offering two sims full of houses, landscaping, furnishings and much more.  A list of participating stores is provided on the website and each store logo offers a direct link to the store’s location on the event sims.

For my first look at what PLAZA has to offer, I’ve setup a stylish, modern home from Maven Homes. The Deja is a three-room build featuring a large combined kitchen and living room almost entirely surrounded by windows, a bedroom and a bathroom. Various scripted fixtures exist in the kitchen/living room and bathroom, including controls for the lights and the opacity of the windows. The house also comes with a HUD for changing the colour of the walls in each room.

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I only added a few other decor items, some on the outside and some inside. On the outside of the house we have a hanging plant from LpOca and a pair of versatile planters from Ever Green. The latter include options for the colour of the planter and the soil as well as different flowers changeable in three different sets.

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A look at the kitchen area. All the furnishings seen here are rezzed with the house and some are scripted, like the faucets and the doors to the oven, fridge and freezer.

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In front of the fireplace, I added a few pieces from the Windsor set by Dench Designs. The large sofa looks very inviting, perfect to curl up in and enjoy the fireplace and the fantastic view. The sofa includes animations and texture options.


Maven Homes The Deja (Plaza)
LpOca Hanging Plant (Plaza)
Ever Green Stacked Log Planter of Wildflowers (Plaza)
Dench Designs Windsor Sofa and Windsor Coffee Table (Plaza)

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