Left Behind

She visits the stone they raised for his departure once a month, to look out over the sea for any sign of the striped sails on the horizon.

From Rakshasa/R3D comes the lovely Helga dress, a viking-inspired design with really great detailing both in the mesh and the textures.  It is available in four single colours or as a mix-and-match fatpack with twelve colours where you can achieve some very striking combinations. With sizes for eight bodies, chances are good it will fit the body of your choice. If not, there is also an alpha layer included. You’ll find Helga at the current round of We Love Role-Play.


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My skin by Ghost Ink is also a WLRP-release. As it happens, it is called Freya, so perfect for a viking-themed post. Its a pretty face, perhaps a little younger and softer than I prefer. The body is not overly smooth, which is nice, but could be improved a bit at some of the seams and in some of the blending.

The beautifully detailed (and fully combat-scripted) sword and shield, also for WLRP, comes from LR Weapons. I can’t speak to the combat scripting as I am not familiar with how it is used, but the pieces certainly look stunning at least.

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The final piece from WLRP is one of the little hills/islands in Konoha’s landscaping set. The landforms (8 shapes in total) have 9 different texture sets plus snow versions of each. In addition to that, they can be resized/reshaped with the edit menu and with a bit of editing skill you can use other landscaping textures on them as well.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Erin head, LeLutka eyes
Skin:  Ghost Ink Freya T3 (We Love Role-Play)
Hair: Magika Celeste
Clothes:  Rakshasa/R3D Studio Helga Dress (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: LR Weapons Viking Swords (We Love Role-Play)
Decor: Konoha Drinker’s Plateau (We Love Role-Play), HEXtraordinary Viking Standing Stone
Poses: Musa

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