Lady of the Castle

I am feeling knackered after a jumping lesson on a horse that must have a fair bit of sloth mixed into its genes. Whew. But even so, I managed to stage a little scene to show off the latest gown from Senzafine together with some furnishings from Noble Creations. And I dragged on Ran to do double duty as photographer and pretty prop.

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The table Ran is seated at is the Viking Tavern Table by Noble Creations. You will find this piece at We Love Role-Play and it is a really nice, rustic piece of furnishing for more rough-hewn surroundings. It comes with a set of single poses for each gender.

The brazier is also by Noble Creations and it is an SL Birthday gift at WLRP.

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The Ysmay dress by Senzafine is also a WLRP release. You will find it in four different colour packs - greens, blues, reds and metallics - and it comes in standard sizes with a few added options. A beautiful gown which would fit a number of roleplay settings.

I have accessorized the dress with the Victorienne jewellery from the Plastik and I am wearing hair by Wasabi Pills and a skin by DeeTalez. The tapestry on the wall is by Paper Moon and the location is once again our new castle by Fanatik.

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