La vie en pose is coming

A new pose event is just around the corner. La vie en pose opens July 10th (and runs until July 25th) and will feature poses, props, animations, backdrops and phototools. This should be a great event for photograpers and storytellers! I´ll be featuring a selection of the available exclusives from the fair, starting with this pose prop from Velvet Whip - Genie in a jar. To outfit my genie, I picked the recent Lootbox release from deviousMind, Nite & Daey.

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Genie in a jar includes 4 standing and 4 seated poses. The size is suited to a normal-sized human avatar. A fun prop which you can get some neat effects with when you play around with windlight.

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The Nite & Daey Lootbox gacha consists of 2 sets of commons (jewelry bra and harem pants plus coin belt), each in 11 colours. In addition to that, you have the rare jewelry hair and rare Tamao Nite and Sakura Daey lootboxes which include the jewelry hoods and bento tails. Finally, not pictured here, there is a mystery rare lootbox as well.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Simone, Mayfly eyes
Skin: PXL Ava Olive
Hair: deviousMind Nite & Daey Gacha (Lootbox)
Clothes: deviousMind Nite & Daey Gacha (Lootbox)
Poses & Prop: Velvet Whip Genie in a jar (La vie en pose, opening July 10th)

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