Home & Garden Expo 2022

The Home & Garden Expo runs from February 26th to March 20th and raises money for Relay for Life. I will be covering one of the nine sims, Hope 6, and giving you a taste of the merchants that can be found there and what their new releases and donation items are. The main sponsor of Hope 6 is Teegle and so my first post focuses on new releases from Teegle and Teegle-associated brands. The two big ones are undoubtedly the Quarter Horse Teeglepet and the Western riding system from Mythril. But there are also two new coats from Teegle and three new decor/home & garden items. And Cheval D’or, which also has its store on Hope 6, has fitted all their existing sets to the Quarter Horse as well as released a new wavy mane and tail set. They also have a 20% off sale at the Expo. To give you a good look at these items, I’ve put together a video on location. I even tackled showing off the gaits from the Western riding system and managed to keep from crashing into the fence too many times. ;)

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Body Parts: Cinnamon & Chai Chai body, Slink Visage Redux Ashlynn head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DNA Female Skin Base 29
Hair: Wasabi Yelena
Clothes: Cinnamon & Chai Open Back Top - Red, Skinny Jeans - Black
Accessories: Cinnamon & Chai Loose Fit Boots - Black
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Quarter Horse (Home & Garden Expo - Hope 6) with Mythril Teeglepet Western Riding System (Home & Garden Expo - Hope 6)  and Cheval D’or Revolution Barrel Racing Set (Home & Garden Expo - Hope 6)


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