Heating Things Up

Winter may largely be over (except on TV, of course, where it should be alive and well for roughly the next six weeks once Game of Thrones starts), but getting cosy in front of an open fire on a chilly spring evening is not bad either. And a big old castle can certainly get a bit drafty! That’s when some nice furs to curl up on are particularly nice. And if you have some company to help keep you warm, even better.

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Dutchie’s fireplace blankets are easy to fit into any room, medieval or modern, thanks to four different texture options. They also include a number of auto rezzing and auto attaching props.

In terms of the animations included, there are three versions of the blankets available: PG, Adult and Adult Plus. All of them include 30 cuddles and kisses animations and then the Adult adds 30 foreplay animations and 30 sex animations and the Adult Plus includes 30 foreplay animations and 40 sex animations. There are also a number of sequences included in each blanket.

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I’ve picked out a small selection of animations of varying degrees of explicitness. Some of them were selected to complement the dress from Faida which comes in three different states: the regular dress, a naughty version and a naughtier version.

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The dress is from a gacha called Naughty and Nice for Lootbox which includes three different dresses where two of them have options for how they are worn. The rares have HUD-driven changes whereas the commons are separate dresses.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, Logo Ivona, Logo eyes
Skin: Alaskametro Cora Tone 4
Hair: Wasabi Melon (Uber)
Clothes: Faida Naughty and Nice Gacha Viola Morning Bordeaux (Lootbox)
Accessories: The Plastik Glory Jewelry Set (The Seasons Story)
Decor: Dutchie fireplace blankets adult plus

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