Hair Fair 2019: Wasabi

It is the first of September already and it feels like August went by entirely too quickly. The Hair Fair certainly did! It ends today and I have not had any time at all to blog it until now. Though, I did think it felt a bit smaller and had far fewer styles on offer than previous years. Event fatigue, the increasing complexity of hair or something else?

The hair in this post is from Wasabi, who did two styles for the fair, though both come with multiple options. The one I am showing here, Venere, has a regular option (shown in the first picture) and a windblown option (shown in the second picture—just imagine a fan off to the side!). These two options are actually separate hairs rather than HUD-controlled, but HUDs for sizing are still provided.

Click for full-sized image

The outfit is a new release from Voluptas Virtualis called Betty, combined with their Reed boots which it was specifically made to match. Very sassy and I couldn’t help but to perch on top of the mid-century desk from Dutchie.

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This post, alas, turned out to be something of an exercise in frustration, as I was determined to do it using an older system skin to show off bakes on mesh. But using the official viewer is a bloody nightmare! The Firestorm release can’t come fast enough, and then I will really dig into my treasure trove of saved system skins to have some fun. But yes, this is one such skin, Orchid by the body co from 2011, here baked onto Logo’s Ivona head and Maitreya’s mesh body.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, Logo Ivona, Logo eyes with Musa Amla Eyes RFL Edition appliers
Skin: the body co Orchid 04
Hair:  Wasabi Venere (Hair Fair 2019)
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Betty (Kinky)
Accessories: Voluptas Virtualis Reed Boots
Decor: Dutchie mid-century desk

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