Fantasy Faire 2023: The Magic of Dragons

The Magic of Dragons is the name of this year’s quest at the Fantasy Faire, for many one of the highlights of the whole event. Featuring a new story every time, the quest takes you across the Fairelands to help the Bard Queen protect the lands from the Unweaver’s threats. This time, the quest is all about dragons, so it seemed appropriate to at least start off the quest in the shape of a dragon! Specifically, the Wyrmling Valorian Dragon avatar from Prehistorica, a brand new release for the Fantasy Faire and a fantastic treat for anyone who is a fan of the dragons of Westeros.

So, in the 100th Otherworldly vlog, I give you a look at the start of the quest as well as at the dragon avatar.  I hope you will enjoy it! More details about the dragon can be found below the video and the images.

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The Valorian Dragon Avatar can be found at Prehistorica on Khumbala. It includes five sizes, from Wyrmling (seen in the video) to Elder. The control HUD offers plenty of customisation options for the look of the dragon as well as lots of different actions, all superbly animated. You can also choose whether you want to breathe fire or something else, like acid.

But it doesn’t end there. The avatar includes a riding system, meaning that you one of your friends (or alts, I am not judging) can become a true dragon rider and soar the skies like a Targaryen. The purchase of the avatar also includes some very cool extras, like dragon eggs and an adorable baby dragon follower.

Also released from Prehistorica at the Fantasy Faire are two extremely cool dioramas featuring the dragon which are exclusives donating the proceeds to RFL, so make sure to check those out too!

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