Fantasy Faire 2020 - Wood Walker

What wanders the lush woods of Queensgarden? A creature of legends, an elusive wood walker. Her skin is nut brown and dappled like a deer’s, she has long, claw-like nails and eyes like those of a cat, and she wears clothing made of leaves. At her side, a large wolf, a companion but nevertheless a wild animal.

With everything on offer at the Fantasy Faire—from skins to companion creatures—it is easy to create a fantastical character of your own, whether wholly original or, as in this case, loosely based on a pre-existing source. And remember, you will be shopping for a good cause if you buy from the RFL vendors that raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Today also marks the beginning of the first part of this year’s Faireland’s Quest, don’t miss it!

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The skin is one of two fantasy skins from the Plastik/Petrichor at the Faire, available for both female and male avatars. It is primarily Bakes on Mesh but adds materials via Omega appliers.

The hair is the second style from Analog Dog at the Faire, a half knot, half pony tail style with loose wisps around the face.

Finally, the ferocious wolf is an animesh wolf from CKit Falconry which comes in two different sizes and includes several props such as a crate and a food bowl. It is also scripted with a range of commands and includes a lot of premade poses and animations.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux body, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Redux Jacquie, Slink Ear Augment Long Point, Slink Addon Nails Stiletto
Skin: The Plastik/Petrichor Aerivalyn Femme Skin Adranelle (Fantasy Faire - Sirens Lore)
Hair: Analog Dog Sinai (Fantasy Faire - Cassiopeia)
Clothes: deviousMind Thyia Scarlet Fall
Poses: Astalianda Zodiac Signs (Fantasy Faire - Zodiac)
Companion: CKit Falconry Grey Wolf2 (Fantasy Faire - Agra Adara)

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