Fantasy Faire 2020 - The Duchess

I ran out of a bit of steam after the first week of more intensive Fantasy Faire blogging, but now I am back to remind you that you have until May 10th to explore and shop at the 18 sims that make up the Fairelands. For this post, I decided to focus a lot on decor items, featuring pieces from Harshlands, the Looking Glass and Roawenwood, as well as a lovely dress from Belle Epoque which actually is a tie-in to the pieces from Harshland.

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Harshlands Devonshire castle, decorated with some pieces of their Creeping Ivy, makes for a wonderful centerpiece for any sim (here it sits on one of my sky landscapes from Landscapes Unlimited) and pairs beautifully with the garden decor (hedge, fountain and trees) created by the Looking Glass for their Lunafae sim at the Faire.

To this I added a bit of pastoral charm through Roawenwood’s Zindelo Travelers Wagon and Zindelo Camp Chairs. Both the wagon and the camp chairs include a good selection of both single and couple poses.

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The Duchess of Devonshire dress is a very charming period piece with a nice shape and pretty texturing. For the gentlemen out there, Belle Epoque also offers a matching male outfit.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Erin, LeLutka eyes
Skin: Adam n Eve Rafferty Tone A
Hair: Wasabi Marnie (Anthem)
Clothes: Belle Epoque Duchess of Devonshire Sky (Fantasy Faire - Sirens Lore)
Decor: Harshlands Devonshire Castle Keep, Creeping Ivy (Fantasy Faire - Sirens Lore), The Looking Glass Lunafae FF Tree 1, Tree 2, Fountain and Long Hedge (Fantasy Faire - Lunafae), Roawenwood Zindelo Travelers Wagon, Zindelo Camp Chairs (Fantasy Faire - Lunafae)

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