Fanatik Breakable Gates & Castle Builder

Fanatik has one recent and one brand new set out to help you build cool medieval/fantasy structures. The first is the Breakable Gates set, a collaboration with LR Weapons that provides physics-enabled gates that can take weapon damage and break down. The second is the massive Castle Builder set, with walls, towers, columns and other massive stone structures (as well as some wooden elements that integrate with the stone).

You can preview both sets and what can be done with them on the Fanatik sim, linked above. I have also done a brief video, just showing some of the contents of these packages as I haven’t had time to build anything of my own as of yet. Read on to take a look at it.

Click for full-sized image

In addition to items from the Breakable Gates and Castle Builder sets, I am also using the Land Shapes from Fanatik for this setup as well as the Porto Coast Sim Surround from Landscapes Unlimited.

I’ll cover my outfit in my next portrait post, hopefully tomorrow.

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