The animals (that’d be our two dogs and our horse) have kept us very busy the last two weeks, so I am sadly having very little time for Second Life. But I have had this one photo I have wanted to do for a while and yesterday I finally managed to get the setup done.

It all came down to this lovely, rustic bridge from Dutchie (and no, there isn’t an adult version!) which I have been trying to blog for, well, months. The problem has been that I have been too lazy to re-landscape a section of the sim to incorporate a large enough river. In the end, I decided that the river that runs under this bridge used to be wider, but has narrowed over time. Then it worked perfectly with the riverbed from Fanatik.

Click for full-sized image

My outfit is the Druidess dress from the Dreaming Thicket. It includes a hairpiece (not a full hair), but here I am wearing Mina’s Carian hair. I did do some post-processing to sort out where the hair poked through the cowl.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Vista Lia, Mayfly eyes
Skin: alaskametro Cora Tone 1
Hair: Mina Carian
Clothes: Dreaming Thicket Druidess Dress Maple
Decor: Dutchie Stone Bridge, Fanatik River Bed

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