Clover the Irish Cob

The new Teeglepet for the 2022 Horse Show is the stunning Clover, an Irish Cob. She has the most lovely eyes, a gorgeous long mane and a beautiful piebald coat. Whether you need a new best friend for your trail rides or a sturdy horse to hitch to your wagon, Clover will suit you very well indeed. Of course I had to show Clover in a video and this also allowed me to switch her into some of the new accessories, such as the braided mane and tail as well as the heavy harness, all from Teegle. I also brought out the fancy royal carriage by H-Mart to show how well suited she is to that as well. Below the video, you’ll find a couple of photos as well as the full credits.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Horse: Teegle Teeglepet Clover the Irish Cob (The Horse Show)
Accessories: Teegle Long Braided Mane, Dutch Braid Tail and Heavy Harness (The Horse Show), H-Mart Royal Carriage Old Wood (The Horse Show)
Decor: Studio Skye Enchanted Woods

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