Back to School

This is all rather inappropriate, but once I got the Alice boots from lassitude & ennui and the thigh high socks from Luxuria, I couldn’t help but to pair them with a couple of recent gachas—Anachron’s School Book Gacha and Roawenwood’s Kinky Back to School Gacha. My inventory is distinctly short on school uniforms, so went for the Vickie corset from Voluptas Virtualis, which I have shown before but which has so many colour and texture options that it certainly doesn’t hurt to show it again.

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The Anachron gacha comes with several different stacks of books—from math to magic!—in a held version and a decor version. All of the stacks have different book covers and titles, great for roleplaying.

The Roawenwood gacha—which was available at ROMP and which will be at the mainstore once it reopens after a rebuild—is also school themed, but a lot less innocent. There’s all sorts of naughty poses hiding in the various pieces of furniture. But it also makes for a great school decor set with lots of great details.

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The Alice boots from Luxuria are available at We Love Role-Play fitted for Maitreya and Slink Hourglass (though as far as I could tell, they worked fine on Slink Physique too). I really like the texture on them, especially the black.

The stockings from Luxuria were a 50 Linden Friday mainstore release which includes six colours and HUDs for Maitreya/Slink and Omega.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Adam n Eve Rebecca T0
Hair: Wasabi Pills Lilou (The Arcade)
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Vickie, Luxuria Fall/Winter 17 Thigh High Socks
Accessories: lassitude & ennui Alice boots (We Love Role-Play), Anachron School Books Gacha (Imaginarium)
Decor: Roawenwood Kinky Back to School Gacha

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