Royal Lady

Round 2 of We Love Role-Play has opened. There’s a wide array of clothing, accessories and props on offer, covering a number of genres. And, there is stuff for the guys, too.

I am starting off with the fabulous Egyptian-inspired Tiye ensemble from Arwen’s Creations, a store full of gorgeous gowns. This one uses a very nice mesh gown as its core component; I was very pleased with the proportions.

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The Tiye ensemble is named for Queen Tiye, one of the most influential Egyptian queens. She was the mother of Akhenaten and, probably, the grand-mother of Tutankhamon.

The mesh gown, which I found to be beautifully curvy without being exaggerated as sometimes is the case with mesh, is richly embellished in itself (the texturing is quite excellent) and also accessorized with a belt as well as various pieces of jewellery. There is also a rigged neckpiece which I found fit really well. Overall, the rigging looks very good.

Included with the gown is also a crown and a beaded headpiece, for a fully Egyptian look.

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To add an air of lightness to the gown, a sheer flexi train can also be added. I like that this plays with the Egyptian theme, where quite sheer fabrics were often used. Additionally, matching slippers are sold separately, though not at the We Love Role-Play event. The gown itself is sold at a 27% discount for the duration of the event.

More posts featuring We Love Role-Play should be following soon; this month really includes a lot of inspiring pieces.

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