Desert Treasure

I had collected a few pieces from 22769 ~[bauwerk]‘s Mystery Gacha, but I didn’t have a good idea for how to use them. But then I was reminded of my Landscapes Unlimited skyboxes and decided to setup a desert scene to showcase an upcoming release from aisling as well as a new skin from PXL and a Hair Fair release by Calico.

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Hair Fair - Alice Project

We finally got some actual sunlight here in Sweden, but last night I did manage to shoot some more Hair Fair 2012 photos, this time to feature a few hairs from Alice Project on the Hair Fair - Flower sim.

First, however, I really have to congratulate the team behind the Hair Fair for this years build. I am on a pretty poor connection while on vacation and my laptop isn’t all that great, but I was actually able to pop in and grab a few things as long as I kept my draw distance down. Things seem to rezz very well and the layout is easy to navigate. Plus, it looks great.

Hair Fair - Leverocci

On the Hair Fair - Garden sim you will find Leverocci and from them comes the second hairstyle I’ve chosen to feature from Hair Fair 2012. It is another long mesh style, this one with a bit of femme fatale feel, and since Leverocci offers a mix pack with selected colours I was able to get my hands on a range of options for a good price. But it had to be a red for this shot.

Hair Fair - Exile

Hair Fair 2012 is finally here and with it comes four sims full of brand new hairs. As usual, the fair benefits the Wigs for Kids charity, so you can shop and contribute at the same time. Mesh is, as expected, big this year and the hairstyle of the fair has to be the braid across the shoulder; I’ve seen a bunch of great ones.

My first pick is a mesh hair (for long hairs, I find it hard to even consider anything else now) but it isn’t a braid. Instead, it is this charming style from Exile, found on the Hair Fair - Sand sim.