A touch (or rather more) of decadence is never wrong and the Marquis set from Libertine by Alia Baroque (best known as the creator behind Fallen Gods) delivers just that. It is a sumptuous furniture ensemble packed with animations, from elegant and languid sits (including plenty of sits for male avatars) to steamy threesomes. There are also many props included, some just for decorative purposes and others to be used with some of the animations. For those who prefer to keep their animations mature rather than adult, a version with just those poses is also included for each piece of furniture.

We’re starting off the photos rather tame, but it gets a little steamer inside. And do click through to the larger versions; I wanted to show these in the full width so they had to be sized down quite a bit to fit on the blog.

Overall, this is a well-priced set considering what you are getting. As furniture the set is an attractive addition to any home and the range of animations is excellent. I am not precisely an animation expert, but they look quite well-done and lifelike to me, with a good amount of detail to each cycle. The size of the furniture should work very well for the average SL avatar, but even if you’re shorter (as both of us are) and rounder (as I am), the pose adjustments will allow quite a lot of the animations to work well. The pieces can all be tested at Libertine and there you can also see all the props rezzed out. You can also read more about the set in this post.

Our hairs are both mesh hairs from Wasabi Pills, excellent for this sort of photography, and I am wearing the new Harper skin from Adam n Eve while Ran wears a Tableau Vivant skin.

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