I’ve never been able to stick to just one shape in SL. When I joined, it was to recreate various roleplay characters, so it didn’t take me many weeks to end up with several shapes. Since then, my personal collection has grown and grown, and somewhere along the way, sachi suggested that I could create some shapes for Adam n Eve’s skins and have them for sale in the store. I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, of course, and I have been creating shapes for Adam n Eve skins ever since. And so, for the release of the first three skins of a new generation of sachi’s skins, I have of course created a shape each for Disa, Laina and Afia.

Also featured in this post are three of the gorgeous new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World (she made nine in total and you will find them all in the Asia section), some of my favourite Zaara lingerie and the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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These new shapes, as well as previous shapes for any of the older skins still on sale, can be found on the second floor of Adam n Eve’s new main store. All three are in the region of being Mediums in the Standard Sizing system, though none are a perfect fit. My aim with all my shapes is to try for a more realistic avatar, though it is definitely an idealized realism. The shapes are of course sold mod and copy.

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