In the Shadow City

Another bit of A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired photography, this time featuring my main character in Dorne. Rather than trying to represent the whole of Westeros on Blood of Dragons, we’ve built two very different cities: the royal capital of King’s Landing and Sunspear, which at the time we’re playing in basically is the capital of the independent realm of Dorne.

Fortunately, the gorgeous Kingdom of Sand roleplay sim offers a great place to shoot Dornish-inspired photos.

For this photo, I used a darker skin from Tuli called Tanya to capture the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern features of the Dornish and I used a male outfit from Donna Flora to represent Braavosi garb. Braavos has more of a Renaissance flavour rather than being Medieval like the Seven Kingdoms.The boots are the overknee mesh boots from lassitude & ennui and the slender bravo sword is one Ran made for me ages ago; it might be time to invest in something more current. The hair is from Analog Dog and I added a medallion from Illusions which technically is an Egyptian scarab amulet; Samara is a superstitious sort with lots of notions foreign to Westeros.

Now, if there were only more robes around…not to mention male Medieval clothing.

1. I would LOVE to see your…

I would LOVE to see your take on Dornish clothing in SL!

Posted on Oct 11 2011 at 13:57 CET by CoraM
2. I am itching to do more…

I am itching to do more Dornish looks since most of my roleplay on our MUSH is in Sunspear where I have a couple of characters.

Fantasia definitely has a few outfits that work, though I need to go on a hunt for a few more. Of course, George mentions both robes and dresses for women, though I admit I can’t quite picture if these dresses are in the same style as in the rest of Westeros or more robe-influenced.

And then he goes and mentions Arianne’s “sheerest wisps of silks” for entertaining in private and even mostly see-through gowns, so there’s clearly some room for more…adventurous clothing.

Alas, Ran is stuck with hardly anything. I doubt he’ll find any suitable red-and-orange striped robes no matter how hard he hunts.

Posted on Oct 11 2011 at 21:35 CET by Linda aka Freyja
3. Well, there is that…

Well, there is that really well done hair with the snake at Wasabi Pills. I’m trying to imagine how it would be different from the rest of Westeros. It seems like such a fun culture to portray, I’m just not sure how!

Posted on Oct 12 2011 at 16:35 CET by CoraM
4. Its a great hair, though…

Its a great hair, though probably rather too fantasy. :)

Dorne has a lot of things in common with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms (they largely follow the Seven, after all), but the influence from the Rhoynar means that the First Men and Andal cultures are quite changed as well.

There’s a bit of Spain (under Islamic rule), a bit of North Africa and a bit of the Middle East. There might even be just a touch of India, if the Rhoynar originally had a culture influenced by that. There’s also a touch of Wales in terms of its struggle to remain an independant country and using guerilla tactics rather than facing the Targaryens in open battle.

The stony Dornish of the houses from the mountains are very similar to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, even in that they don’t always follow the Rhoynish law and allow the oldest child regardless of gender to inherit. But the sandy and, especially, the salty Dornish are very Rhoynish in their appearance and in their dress.

Striped robes, lots of colours, lots of semi-precious stones and metals. Bit “gaudy” almost. Women who would be considered scandalous by the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and who may be ruling in their own right.

Definitely lots of fun.

Posted on Oct 12 2011 at 21:19 CET by Linda aka Freyja
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