Fantasy Gatcha Mini Yardsale

Despite my best intentions, I ended up trying to get the whole Faranth set from aisling at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. The collar and the dragon crown are still eluding me, alas, but I did end up with two spare sets of the rare pauldrons and of course a bunch of commons. So, I’ve set up a very temporary yardsale with the Faranth commons plus a few other bits and pieces (some Gaia pieces from aisling, some Deviance slippers, a Remarkable Oblivion crown). The pauldrons aren’t out just now, but if you’re interested in buying them or trading for them, just IM me. I’d love to trade for the Faranth collar and the Faranth crown from aisling, but I could also consider the Gaia crown from aisling or some of the rare Harpyia wings from chanimations. I would also be happy to trade Faranth commons for some of the common crowns from ieQED.

Regularly scheduled blogging will commence shortly—I would just love to have that whole set to blog. ;)

Edited to add: I added a page for listing what I want and what I have in more detail.

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