Pirate Penny

Long mesh hair is finally getting a bit more curl and bounce and Calico Ingmann of Calico is one designer who is exploring these possibilities. I’ve paired her latest style, Penny, with the Bard top from the Muses for We Love Role-Play.

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Penny is the first of Calico’s Halloween releases for this year. Its a hair for the high seas, with a broad headband pulling the wild curls back from your face and a beaded accessory on one side and a braid on the other side. I am wearing the Sinopia colour form the Ginger Reds HUD and I love how fiery it is. As I noted in my previous review of the Clara hair, Calico has a brand new line of colours, so you will want to try out the HUDs to find your new favourites.

The HUD also allows you to change the texture of the headband and the metal and bead accents of the accessory. You can also tint the hair via the HUD, if the shade you select isn’t exactly what you wanted.

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The Bard’s top from the Muses, here shown in bone, is one of two (or four, if you count the fact that each item is available for men and women) items available at We Love Role-Play from Nephilaine Protagonist. The second is the Dragon coat, available in blood for the event.

I think this dynamic pose from Musa gives a good idea of the rigging of this garment and I like how well it pairs with some non-mesh pants (in this case the pants from the Rainha outfit, also from the Muses) since mesh pants are something I generally prefer to avoid as they change the look of my shape too much. You can also see a glimpse of the gorgeous Embroidered boots from lassitude & ennui.

Expect more and more of a Halloween feeling to creep into my posts over the next few weeks. It isn’t an RL tradition for me at all, but it has definitely become an SL tradition and no wonder, since I do love dressing up in different ways and trying on different looks. I am looking forward to seeing what creators will be doing with mesh this year, because now it is truly fully established on the grid.

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