Winter Woods

The new round of We Love Role-Play has opened and as usual there’s a wide and varied selection. I decided to get some more photo-mileage out of my newly purchased Enchanted Woods from Studio Skye, especially as the Nephilaine gown from Senzafine definitely called for a wintery setting. I am also wearing the Clara hair from Calico and Nahimana’s Autumn Necklace and Earrings from ellabella.

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The Nephilaine gown from Senzafine is named for the talented Nephilaine Protagonist whose current brands include the Muses and Volstead. Like myself, Nephilaine is a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, so Synjari Myriam of Senzafine created this gown as a tribute to her. For We Love Role-Play, it comes in “Wolf” (seen here) and “Dragon” and the full release will include colour combinations suited to even more houses from Westeros.

I thought the starkness of the gown and the wintery trees provided a perfect backdrop for the very colourful jewellery set from ellabella. I really like the texture of the stones in this necklace and the burst of autumn colours is quite lovely.

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The Clara hair from Calico is perfect for a roleplay look. Most of the hair is left loose, but there’s an intricate braid weaving across the back, containing it to some degree. I really love how it looks.

With this release, Calico has released a brand-new set of colours, each with a roots option. I am quite liking the new reds, though I do think I may miss a favourite or two from the old set, and the root options look very nice on the Clara style.

So, that’s a quick move from autumn to winter in just one post, but since its still very much autumn outside my window, I think I will probably return there for a while. Can’t miss out on all of those lovely colours, after all.

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