Chandra Meehan of chanimations is offering two of her awesome pose sets/scenes at a discount for this round of We Love Role-Play. The first one is “An Alchemist’s Tale”. For this scene, I am also wearing the Gypsy outfit from the Lounge, also from We Love Role-Play.

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In “An Alchemist’s Tale”—the eight release from the Sourceress series—you are a witch, busily brewing a potion on your cauldron and reading recipes from your collection of grimoires. There’s a total of 10 poses and some of them come with props. The scene also comes with different options for the spell effects, such as whether the cauldron is boiling or not.

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The scene rezzes out in one single piece, very convenient for easy placement and removal. There are three versions included; low prim, regular and high detail. The poses are integral to the scene but are also included in moveable pose balls for added flexibility. There is a nice variety of poses (and the prop includes options for adjusting their positioning), each illustrating a different stage of the story.

Whether for roleplay or just some photography fun, the chanimations pose props are some of the best. The poses are excellent and the props themselves are well-made, with robust scripting. There’s a huge variety of props as well, and not just with a fantasy theme.

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