Blue Belladonna

The first photo was easy enough, but the second one for this post gave me fits for a while. Doing justice to the delicate accessories from the Plastik was anything but easy and of course I had made it harder on myself by including three different pieces. I am fairly happy with the end result, but do click through on the image for a larger version, or check it out on my flickr.

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Insolence is Back

It is no secret that I love virtual lingerie and for several years the Insolence brand, created by camilla Yosuke, was one of my favourites in Second Life. Then the releases stopped coming and once I moved to a mesh body I could no longer wear the existing pieces either. But a few weeks ago, a surprise notice arrived. Insolence was back, with mesh lingerie. The initial release was only for the Maitreya body, but the release notice promised that versions for other mesh bodies would be coming along. And just before I took off for Barcelona, the Slink versions (for the original and the hourglass body) arrived.

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As you may have noticed, I’ve started changing up the credits again, going back to the more traditional approach of having them at the end. I am still figuring out precisely how I want to do the linking (store or page, for example), so expect it to fluctuate a bit more. Some of the older entries may also end up displaying a bit weirdly as I work on tweaking some of the blog setup in preparation for a larger makeover. But, enough about that! Today, it seems I have been a naughty girl…

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