Sweet Petites

They’re tiny, they’re amazing and they are mesh. The Petites are a new joint venture from several talented creators—Yabusaka, Fallen Gods and Wasabi Pills—that have joined together to produce a line of small mesh avatars. Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods provides an excellent introduction and I will try my best to convey some of my impressions of these adorable little avatars.

On the whole, these avatars are very well done and very well thought-out. I am quite excited to see what sort of options will be released for them in the future and I think this really showcases the strengths of mesh in an amazing way. While I am not expecting to become a full-time Petite, I can see lots of very cool uses for them for photography and for a very unusual style of dress-up. A big part of the experience is definitely seeing them up close, so make sure to pay a visit to the Petites Kingdom.

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