Ruins, Rocks and Roads

During this past weekend, Fanatik came out with no less than 7 new landscaping releases. That prompted me into a flurry of activity, first to clear up some space and then to start placing out some of the new pieces. My focus was the Ruins building kit, but I also added some pieces from the Debris set, a few sections of the Rustic Wall and some Stone Path pieces.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image

All of the new releases are made to be compatible in terms of texture and look and they all come with a texturing HUD for several different looks. They also make use of materials, which in the right light settings really can add a lot to the realism of a build.

In addition to the releases I incorporated into this setup, Fanatik also released Porto Roads, Rock Boulders and an elegant Stone Bridge. You can view examples of all the new releases on the Fanatik sim and you are also welcome to peruse my little ruin.

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