Boots and Benches

There’s a new round of L’accessories and there’s a brand new event as well, The Arcade, which is all about gatchas.

From L’accessories I have the Phoebe boots from lassitude & ennui and from The Arcade I have the Baroque Bench by Trompe Loeil in one of the 12 colours available from the gatcha.

Also worn is Faith’s PXL and the Found hair by elikatira. The photos are taken in our Gatehouse Cottage by Alchemy Immortalis. I am also using my new for-sale shape for the Faith skin, available at the Marketplace. This was an experiment at starting off with the numbers for the medium standard size and seeing how much I had to change before I was happy with the proportions. It isn’t a shape that’ll fit into any medium clothing just like that, but it will work with some types of clothing.

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