Autumn Fire

The lovely part of autumn is in the past now, with all the leaves torn down by wind and darkened to a rather unattractive brown by rain. Fortunately, it is easy to recall it in Second Life, where the autumn trees are always at their prettiest, with crisp leaves of red and gold.

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These particular trees are from Roawenwood and come in two styles and four autumnal colours. I used the two golden and yellow shades in this setup, to match with the beautiful arch and swirling leaves from keke, and there are also two redder shades to complete the “Autumn Fire” collection. As from the set from keke, this is the piece that I accidentally left out of my Deco(c)rate video a little while ago.

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The gown is a new release from Senzafine called Georgiana which features rich colours and beautiful lace accents. It comes in eight colours and a single fitted mesh size which should work well for both system and mesh bodies. With a gown of this kind of cut, it is easy enough to alpha out any areas that might be problematic, and suggested alpha cuts for various bodies are included.

My hair is Romy from Wasabi Pills and this style also comes with a cute hat. Alas, I am a terrible at cute, so I went with the plain version.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes
Skin: Tuli Iris T0
Hair: Wasabi Pills Romy (Ultra)
Clothes:Senzafine Georgiana Rose (We Love Role-Play)
Decor: Roawenwood Autumn Fire Trees Set (We Love Role-Play), keke blown away rowan set (Deco(c)rate)
Poses: Musa

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