Wasabi On Sale

Wasabi is having a huge sale on all hair using their previous, pre-HUD set of textures. I have a lot of favourites among those hairs and I thought I would do a portrait with one of them, the Donna style. This has been a really versatile braided style, perfect for both modern looks and period/fantasy looks. It also turned out to be perfect for showing off the Bianca jewellery set from Voluptas Virtualis. The set features a bindi, two earring styles and three different chokers, all very elegant and detailed. Of course it comes with a HUD for changing the metal and the gems.

The gown, which I will have to show in more detail in another post, is by the Muses and the wintry archway a new release from Noble Creations.

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The Spice Girl

I am in the middle of baking for Christmas, which leaves the house smelling wonderfully of cardamon, cinnamnon, cloves and saffron. Gorgeous spices that are essential for a proper Swedish Christmas, despite their distant origins. Given this, it seemed seasonally appropriate to use the Spice Merchant set from Roawenwood as part of the decor for this photo, which also includes pieces from Paper Moon and ANE. The new items featured are the dress from Noble Creations, the hair from Wasabi and the gacha jewellery set from lassitude & ennui.

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Enelia in Shadows

I am still playing around with the Lia head from Vista, making shapes and trying out skins. For these photos, I am using the YS&YS skin that was included with the head and I made a shape specifically for it which I also put up on the Marketplace. And, since I was also planning to showcase the Enelia set from Voluptas Virtualis, I made the shape for Slink Physique Hourglass, which is one of the three bodies supported for the set (the other two being Belleza Freya and Maitreya).

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The Empty Throne

Tomorrow is the last day for the Coven where you can get Paper Moon’s lovely decor item, the Bolognese Tarot, which is an actual historical tarot deck from the 1600s, I am using three pieces from the collection as the backdrop for this image, which also showcases the Mirror Mirror dress from Noble Creations. The throne is an earlier release from Dysfunctional Designs and I liked the effect of leaving it empty and playing the power behind (or beside) the empty throne in this image.

Speaking of Paper Moon, you also need to make sure to check out the mainstore, as they are having a Black Weekend sale with everything except gachas at 50% off.

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The second new face from alaskametro is Solace, a somber face that gives a melancholy look. I paired it with the Athena head from LightStar and dressed up in a recent release from Noble Creations, also with a grecian theme.

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By the Campfire

Dreaming Thicket, formerly Anachron, has a new Grecian-inspired dress out for We Love Role-Play, which opened yesterday for its November round. I also had this campfire from Noble Creations that I wanted to incorporate in a picture and it struck me that I might play with the Grecian angle and think of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Now, she really ought to have a bow, not a spear, and she probably shouldn’t be a redhead either, but that is what liberties are for. I rather like the atmosphere in this shot, where I used a foggy windlight setting to all but obscure the surrounding landscape, save for the pine trees from Studio Skye.

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Welcome to My Lair

Bento attachments are a good excuse for another video to show them off in the best way. For example, the rares from the newest deviousMind gacha, where the movement created by animating bento bones adds another layer of realism. Well, maybe realism isn’t quite the right word when speaking of a succubus, but it certainly looks good either way! I also took the opportunity to show off some recently acquired companions from HEXtraordinary and Jian as well as a new skin by the Plastik and new hair by Analog Dog. The decor is a mix of Noble Creations and Death Row Designs.

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Among the releases for the current round of We Love Role-Play are a set of armour each for male and female avatars by Noble Creations, each including fits for several different mesh bodies. To show off the female armour in appropriate surroundings, I setup in the stone circle from LORE with the gorgeous castle from Fanatik in the background. I also brought on my four-legged alt wearing the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar and a new tack set from Cheval D’or.

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Veiled Guardian

I love this “Ancient Persian” set by Noble Creations for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, but I struggled for a few days to find the right location. Then Ran suggested that there was something organic about the metal shapes. I had been rejecting the idea of a forest setting, wanting more of a sword & sorcery look, but when I tried it out it turned out to be just right. I also added this cool staff from the Plastik which has a ton of colour options and matched the other set quite well.

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Honor of the Warrior

Last week, LightStar released another set of mesh heads, Maya and Rajan. As you know, I am a big fan of the LightStar heads and I really like that Krystal Silverweb tries to capture a very distinct look for each of her pairs. And speaking of pairs, I also think that it is great that they always come in pairs because the guys sure need more options! Now, if there would only be more Omega head appliers around, it would be even better. Fortunately, there are quite a few Omega head appliers for women these days, not the least after Adam n Eve’s store revamp which now offers every skin as LeLutka, Catwa and Omega.

Anyway, this is just a quick look at Maya, I really hope I will have time to also make a video, but we’ve got all sorts of travelling coming up so blogging and vlogging will be sparse.

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Midsummer’s Queen

Midsummer is serious business here in Sweden and as a result I am currently in a bit of a food coma. But of course I had to put together a midsummer inspired scene and fortunately Noble Creations and Paper Moon had just the things I needed for that, with this fantastic throne from the former and the outfit from the latter. I am also wearing another of the new/re-released skins from Adam n Eve, this time Rebecca.

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The Huntsman

I will have to be a little briefer than usual today as I’ve done something to the right side of my neck that makes using my right arm quite uncomfortable. I didn’t even manage to ride my full hour today, and that’s how you know something is serious since I have suffered through riding lessons with all sorts of aches and pains. ;)

Anyway, what I have for you today is a campsite from Roawenwood, a harness from Noble Creations and a pair of very useful applier tights from Stitched—for both male and female avatars, yay. As you can see, I am “Frey” today, wearing a new group gift skin from 7 Deadly Skins on my LightStar head.

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It is refreshing to be out of my usual wheelhouse for a bit. This all started with the Anthophila book from the Plastik, a beautifully decorated tome adorned with bees. This prompted a more ...scholarly look, or at the very least something of a librarian look, which was accomplished through clothing from alaskametro and another release from the Plastik, the Hololense glasses.

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By Moonlight

The beautiful gowns from Senzafine always inspire me and the latest release, Aradia, is no different. I fell in love with the texturing of this gown as soon as I put it on and it offers some truly sumptuous colour combinations. Blue is not normally the colour I reach for first, but this version—called Moonlight—was just too lovely to pass up and I used it as the inspiration for the rest of the setting.

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Little Bird

We’ve had a few days of glorious weather, more summer than spring, and the woods have really come to life with budding trees and bird song everywhere. It put me in the mood for a forest scene, which also happened to suit one of several new releases from Noble Creations quite well. And once I had settled on the vine-covered bird cage, it seemed appropriate to continue on the theme of locks by using a new gacha from deviousMind.

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