Bath Time for Two

I could really use a nice, relaxing bath right now. For the last two weeks, Ran and I have fought through a massive upgrade of our site and it has been both exhausting and nerve-wracking. This little SL blog may not seem like much, but it happens to share a database and backend with our other site which is just a little big bigger and busier. Still, one of the more problematic aspects of the upgrade turned out to be the images for Otherworldly, so at the moment you won’t see any on the previous posts as we’ll have to add those back in by hand.

But, enough about such woes for now. Remember that bath? I was at least able to take a relaxing (and fun…NSFW images inside) bath in the new Collabor88 release from Trompe Loeil.

Click for full-sized image
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If you haven’t been at the Cinema event yet, now’s the time. The worst crowds have thinned out and you can easily browse the movie theatre full of exclusive releases from a wide array of top creators.

I have already featured the Priya Dance Stool from MudHoney and now the time has come for the matching Priya Bed, which is available in both PG and Adult versions at Cinema.

A Dream of Empire

Fantasy Faire 2012 continues apace—in fact, it’s been extended a day because of SL’s problems this Thursday—and there’s so many great designers present, it’s rather ridiculous. To continue the focus on Devil’s Locket, this time we have stunning, stunning furniture (and more) from one of Second Life’s premiere mesh designers, Maxwell Graf of Rustica, who’s also the official sponsor of the sim.

Gothic Steampunk?

Munchflower Zaius of Nomine has another large, themed release out. This time, its all about Steampunk and she’s made some really nifty outfits—including some for the boys. I selected a pair to show for this post, one suit and one dress. The collection also includes hairs, hats and goggles, for that full Steampunk look.

This post also features another awesome new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, mesh boots from lassitude & ennui and mesh furniture/props from Rustica and a new brand, the Muses, from Nephilaine Protagonist. Poses used are from Exposeur.


A touch (or rather more) of decadence is never wrong and the Marquis set from Libertine by Alia Baroque (best known as the creator behind Fallen Gods) delivers just that. It is a sumptuous furniture ensemble packed with animations, from elegant and languid sits (including plenty of sits for male avatars) to steamy threesomes. There are also many props included, some just for decorative purposes and others to be used with some of the animations. For those who prefer to keep their animations mature rather than adult, a version with just those poses is also included for each piece of furniture.

We’re starting off the photos rather tame, but it gets a little steamer inside. And do click through to the larger versions; I wanted to show these in the full width so they had to be sized down quite a bit to fit on the blog.

Etheria, Take Two

Etheria 2 ends today, so if you have yet to check out the lovely clothing and jewelry on offer, make sure to head over there soon. I am wearing the My Lady Love set from Dark Mouse, just one of several beautiful jewelry sets designed for the event by the various participants.

You will also get a look at the brand-new Harper skin from Adam n Eve, a corset from Sn@tch and the new boots from lassitude & ennui, as well as a new prop from Glitterati.