I’ve been aware of the pose store Del May for a a good while but for some reason I had not given it a closer look before this weekend. What a shame, is all I can say after Ran and I spent a few hours browsing through all the amazing poses and the amazing photos showcasing them. If you are looking for unique, expressive poses—singles, couples and groups—you absolutely have to give Del May a look. We found that the couple poses fit us unusually well even with our avatars not quite being the SL standard in size.

To see what we got up to with the poses we picked up, click through. It is all quite NSFW.

We used the FLF prop from Glitterati as our studio for these photos, taking advantage of the excellent shadows cast by the blinds in the window. I am wearing an old but still superb skin from Blowpop-SL—if you have never heard of the store, check it out even though the skins aren’t brand new, because they are something special—and Ran is wearing the dark tone of Alejandro by Egoisme. My blindfold and his angel wings are from Illusions and we’re both wearing mesh hair from Wasabi Pills and mesh feet from Slink.

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