Swift Wings

February seems to be gearing up to be Fantasy month, with several events focused on fantasy and role-play wear running at the same time. One of these is the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival and even though I am not a big fan of gatchas (for photos/blogging it is really frustrating to not get the colour you want and it is even more frustrating to try and collect a whole set) there were some things there I just had to have. So far, I haven’t been very successful at sorting out those must-haves, but I did manage to score some complimentary colours of chanimations stunning Harpyia set.

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The Harpyia set will transform your avatar into a stunning mythological creature, using rigged mesh wings, flexi add-ons on the arms for movement, tail feathers and rigged feather legs with clawed feet. If you wear the whole ensemble, especially together with a fantasy skin, you can create quite a fantastic look. However, you could also use just the arm pieces together with a regular skin for a very different kind of avatar.

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The whole Harpyia set is available from one gatcha machine—with several amazing rare colours still tempting me to go back and try again, even if this Nighthawk version certainly is splendid as it is—and then there is a second gatcha offering the jewelled belt and bra (here in Midnight) that I am wearing with the look. The bra also includes clothing layer feathers, but I didn’t think that was needed with this skin.

Despite my reservations about gatchas, I do think these sets are amazing value for your money and the fact that each machine gives you a full set (Harpyia pieces in one, belt and bra in one) means there’s no trying, trying and trying again to complete a set which I very much appreciate. Its just down to getting the colours you want.

And what is this skin, you might wonder? It is one of the wonderfully creative fantasy skins from Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. This is Feathers in Raven and using the version where the breasts are partially covered by the feathers. There is a matching hair from Wasabi Pills called Hawk, but this time I went with another Wasabi Pills hair, namely the brand new release Lisa, available at this round of FaMESHed.

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