Hippoi Athanatoi

Daughter of the Blood

Something has gone terribly wrong in Terrielle, and the Blood who was meant to nurture the Realm is instead ruining it, having become a perversion of their true nature under the rule of Dorothea SaDiablo and her lackeys. Strong Queens who dare oppose her are destroyed by the males who should have been protecting them, but who fear slavery and the Ring of Obedience so much that they go against their strongest instincts. The only hope which remains is that Witch will return, but many of those who should be waiting and hoping for her arrival are instead fearful of it, even to the point of wishing that the living myth, she who is dreams made flesh, will never return.

But for Daemon Sadi, called the Sadist, there is no doubt about he hopes for. The promise of her return is all that has kept him on the right side of sanity over the last centuries of slavery under Dorothea SaDiablo. That and his concern for his half-Eyrien half-brother, Lucivar, the only means through which—beyond the Ring of Obedience—that the corrupted Queens of Terrielle can hope to control a black-jeweled Warlord Prince. What he doesn’t realize is that someone else has also waited long for the return of Witch, so long that to most of the Blood he has become little more than a greatly feared legend, ruling the Dark Realm as the High Lord of Hell. For him, Witch is the promised daughter of his soul, and he is prepared to do just about anything to protect her.

Daughter of the Blood is wonderfully dark and erotic, as well as at times quite disturbing. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, and is probably best read by a somewhat mature reader as well as someone who appreciates the strong influences from the romance genre (especially the Regency romances). However, it is by no means your typical romance. In the world Bishop has created the dark, sensual and dangerous heroes are natural results of the almost animalistic social structure that lies at the heart of the Blood’s society—they are quite literally alpha males.

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