Hippoi Athanatoi: If Wishes Were Horses

The Hippoi Athanatoi, the immortal horses, are the fabulous steeds of the gods and heroes of Greek myth.

This website is the virtual home of Elio and Linda.

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    Catching Up

    Almost five years since the last update. Time does fly, after all. The site has a new design, a new structure and a scattershot array of new content.

    Right now, I am trying to scale the structure back a bit. The overall design is working pretty well for me at this stage, but I still need to clear...

  • Reviews and musings on books and occasionally other media.
    River of Stars

    A new novel by Gay Gavriel Kay is something that I (and Elio) always look forward to with eager anticipation. We have been fans of his writing since the Fionavar Tapestry, which remains my favourite work of his (indeed, it may be my favourite fantasy series of all times) even though the later...

  • Its all about the animals here.
    Gone Shopping

    Long time, no blog! I miss doing my weekly lesson reports, but I haven’t been able to get back to doing them with enthusiasm rather than with it feeling like a chore. As a result, I’ve avoided the blog altogether, but now I am trying (again) to find a more casual approach to posting and doing it...

  • Mostly about us.
    The Secret World

    In December my 10+ years old computer was put out to pasture after a very long and impressive run. Elio and I had been planning new computers for ourselves for a year or two, but just not found the right time (or the right build) before then. Now I am finally using a system that doesn’t require me...

  • MUSHing, Second Life and other alternate lives on the Internet.

    A new release from the Plastik generally means some sexy, versatile pieces in a wide array of colours and patterns. The latest release features a clothing layer bikini, a sexy dress and the distinctly minimal Raedra skirt which I picked out for this post.

    Also featured in this post is my first...