A Tempting Tale

The Eunice gacha from Aisling for the new Tales of Fantasy event which opens on June 10th is one of those sets I couldn’t resist shooting all on its own, with no distracting clothing. Its jewellery for a temptress.

The set consists of one ultra rare (the chestpiece) which comes HUD for customising the metals and the accents as well as one rare (the headpiece) in each of the three metals and three commons in each of the three metals. The work is stunningly intricate and as the chestpiece is mod you should be able to use it on a range of shapes. It is very well modelled and I found it quite easy to adjust to my shape.

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Dysfunctional Designs has this fabulous Library Set out for the May round of We Love Role-Play and you really don’t want to miss it. It is packed full of different shelf options and could easily by used to setup anything from just a single shelf in a room to a full library. All pieces come with several wood options, so you can fit them to a range of rooms.

For a couple of more looks at the library parts, some other We Love Role-Play pieces and a gorgeous new hair from Analog Dog, read on.

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The May round of We Love Role-Play includes several gorgeous corsets from brands such as the Library, lassitude & ennui and aisling. I went with the corset from the latter for this post as I wanted a darker look to go with the accessories from Pale Empress for the World Goth Fair.

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Aisling has not just one but two amazing sets of accessories at the current Fantasy Gacha Festival. The second, Feldream, blends fantasy with rather more science fiction inspired elements, and when I put on the stunning headdress I thought it would go very well with the latest appliers from the Slink Visage heads from Adam n Eve. I also decided to pick up another body suit from Gallactic to finish off the look.

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Peacock Queen

The Palace of Tears is a stunning build that is part of this years Fantasy Faire. There are no vendors on this sim, but if you do the second part of the hunt, you will find yourself there. And even if you don’t do the hunt, do visit because it is a gorgeous build with some really haunting and creative decorations in the palace gardens.

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I thought about calling this post “When Events Collide” as it features items from no less than three fantasy-related events opening in May: Enchantment (already open), Fantasy Faire (already open) and Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (opening on the 4th). There was just something about these pieces from Kalopsia, aisling and Sax Shepherd Designs that demanded that they be used together.

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Tuscan Spring

For the spring round of The Seasons Story the team behind aisling has created a three-part outfit (dress, shoes and headdress) and a matching swing with both single and couple poses. I thought these would pair perfectly with the stunning new house from Trompe Loeil, available at this month’s Collabor88. My hair is also from the Seasons Story and is created by Wasabi Pills.

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The Comfort Zone

As my blogging of late has no doubt made plain, I love gowns. But sometimes you do need to slip into something more comfortable and practical, and thanks to The Muses latest offering for We Love Role-Play you can now do so in proper fantasy style with the Doronthor outfit (or the corresponding Doronthel, if you happen to be male). Four special colours of these outfits are offered at a discount at the event and will not be available afterwards, so make sure to check them out.

My accessories, the elegantly casual Spring Necklace and Headwrap, are from lassitude & ennui, also for We Love Role-Play, and the same goes for the tied-off pony tail from Epos, who are making their first foray into hair in a very nice way.

Normally, I’d write a fair bit more, but my arms are quite exhausted as I just came in from a riding lesson and Nelson (my horse for the day) was in a very frisky mood and wanted to run a lot more than I was keen on. So this time you’ll have to settle for these (hopefully) pretty pictures.

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Garden Girl

We Love Role-Play is now open and I am working on another set of photos to showcase some more items from there, but I thought I would sneak in a post from a couple of gatcha events as well, namely the Love & War gatcha (open) and the Secret Affair gatcha (opens on the 6th), to show case a gown from Junbug and more jeweller/accessories from aisling. I also wanted to feature the orchard trees from Dysfunctional Designs which we picked up from the Home Show.

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Dangerous Beauty

April promises to be another great month for fans of fantasy-inspired clothing and accessories in Second Life, with several themed events about to open. I’ll look first at the new round of We Love Role-Play which is just around the corner. With the elaborate Chestlace piece from aisling and the cheeky Took an Arrow hair ornament from Bliensen+MaiTai, I felt inspired to create this rather dangerously seductive courtesan. After all, can you be sure those arrows are just hair ornaments? I am also wearing the second release from aisling for the event, the Hind shoes which are add-ons for the flat Slink feet.

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Stalking the Wetlands

For this month’s We Love Role-Play I transformed into an elven huntress and stalked the Wetlands sim which is a very well-done marsh/swamp environment.

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Genre’s latest round has opened and the theme is Fae. From mischievous fairies fluttering by on iridescent wings to dark lords and ladies of the hills, luring unwary humans to their doom, there are numerous myths and legends about the fae folks of the world. With the Aes Sidhe dress from Senzafine and the Cour de Cauchemars collar and crown by aisling, I wanted to capture something of the darker side of the fae.

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Not Your Usual Cupid

Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big thing around here, but the Internet makes it impossible to miss it. And really, if you don’t feel pressured to buy into the commercial aspects of it, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra love. But rather than pink and sweet, I decided to go for a cupid with a bit of an edge, using most of the highly sought-after Faranth set (the ultra rare crown not included) from aisling at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival together with the belt from the deviousMind Harpyia gatcha and a couple of the Huntress poses from HopScotch.

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Just One More…

Aisling is a brand I have come to notice quite recently and the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival has ensured I won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon. Trying to complete the Gaia and Faranth set has been a source of some frustration for me the last week and I am still without the ultra rare crowns. However, I really wanted to showcase these gorgeous jewellery sets, so today I am wearing Gaia, minus the crown. I am also wearing the Tiernan belt, which is one of Aisling’s releases fro We Love Role-Play and I think it goes very well with the Gaia set.

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