Its a Scandal

I’ve spent a little too much time yesterday and today butting heads, so time to focus on something else instead. Such as the Scandal dress from Volstead, released for the World Goth Fair (now finished) and now available in-store and on the Marketplace. This gorgeous lace dress shows that it is possible to make partially see-through mesh, you just need to make the fit a little loser. This vintage shape is ideal for it, as well as being ever so decadent. It also comes with clothing layers, to add a bit more modesty and help out with breaks resulting from movement. For these static photos, however, I opted for no additional coverage, though it would be needed for wearing the dress out and about.

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Fantasy Faire: The Wolf Maid

Sometimes, fate puts things together. Sometimes, it takes a little help from the wonderful creations available at the Fantasy Faire.

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Fantasy Faire: Fated

Finally! The Fantasy Faire is open! Get your best low-lag outfit in—there’s one offered at the Faire, courtesy of the Plastik—and prepare for a true shopping fantasy, lasting until the 28th of April. There are new and exciting releases from each of the participating merchants and of course all of them offer specially selected RFL items, allowing you to shop and donate to the American Cancer Society at the same time.

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Fantasy Faire: Starfall

The Fantasy Faire is just a few hours away now! I have had a chance to look through the sims and they are, as they have been the last year, wonderfully creative. And, of course, packed with some truly great creators. I have so many great outfits to show—this is the faire where mesh has broken through big time among fantasy creators—and I will be starting with the Muses. The amazingly productive Nephilaine Protagonist offers four new outfits for the faire, two for women and two for men.

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Good Pixels

I’ve been doing a lot of fantasy looks of late, but the latest One Bad Pixel release as well as a new furniture set from HANDverk for The Men’s Department obviously lent itself to something very different. With it, I also have another preview of the Skin Fair, this time in the form of a new Tuli skin.

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Global Domination

If you’d like to try something new in SL and get a bunch of cool stuff, then Global Domination by Hottie Cooterati might be for you. Its a game that involves searching for items and solving riddles. Some quite easy, some very hard. I played the game right on the launch night and persistent as I am, it kept me up to 4.30 in the morning as I insisted on trying to finish it all in one go. Of course, there was a race at the time to be among the first three to finish to get one of the grand prizes. I didn’t manage, but I was definitely not disappointed by the prizes available to everyone who completes the game. I also enjoyed the actual game play; the scripting of the HUD that you purchase to participate with is well done and the puzzles were fun and engaging.

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A Rustic(a) Valentine

I’ve already shown the mesh drapery from Maxwell Graf of Rustica in a previous post, but they most definitely deserve more of a spotlight feature as well. They are lush, versatile and just the thing for changing the feel of a slightly cold and empty room to make it seem more cosy and intimate.

Also shown in these photos is the special Valentine edition of Claire from Tuli, the new Timea ankle boots from lassitude & ennui and the newest hair from Wasabi Pills.

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Let it Snow

Winter’s should be white, there’s just no two ways about it. Of course, living on the west coast of Sweden, winter’s are quite often grey and rainy instead. After just enough snow in December to give us a white-ish Christmas, I did despair for this particular winter since the year started with rain and temperatures well above freezing. But then the snow came back and while it hasn’t snowed for some days now, we do have a lovely white covering on the ground and the temperature is set to stay below 0 for a good while. That put me in a mood to use this skybox from Barnesworth Anubis from the previous round of Collabor88; I love looking out through a window to watch the snow fall.

Events are responsible for a lot of what I am wearing, too, such as the Lazy boots from lassitude & ennui for L’Accessoires and Perception’s new corset for the Aquarius round of Zodiac. I am finding myself doing more and more of my shopping in SL at events. A sign of laziness, perhaps? I have always liked themed releases, though.

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I do love gowns. And this mixed mesh gown from Volstead for Around the World is a beauty. I am also wearing one of the new Wasabi Pills hairs, a new item from the Sagittarius Zodiac cycle from Perception and Adam n Eve’s Disa skin, a little tweaked with the help of brows from alaskametro.

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Unhinged is Here

I am featuring some great items from a festival/fundraiser starting today. It is called Unhinged and it will run from November 15th to December 15th, collecting funds for a much-needed bone prosthesis for Eku Zhong. The merchants participating are offering either gatchas or items for sale and there’s an overarching theme of skulls. The festival is also offering plenty of musical entertainment.

This first post is showing off festival items from Pale Empress, Bilo and Pose Monster.

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